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Expert, certified court reporting and legal videography services.

Court reporting , video conferencing, and deposition technology solutions in Chicago city and suburbs.

Realtime court reporter example provided by Lake Cook Reporting court reporters in Chicago, IL.

Lake Cook Reporting is a full-service Chicago area court reporting firm providing stenographers and legal video services located in the northern suburbs just minutes north of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

We offer court reporting, legal videography, video conferencing, and more. We’re among the best in Chicago for medical transcription, real time reporting, portable video conferencing, and anything else our clients need.

Chicago area coverage map of our reporters.

We work with hundreds of Chicago-area court reporters and legal videographers, including 30 stenographers who work with us once a month or more.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we’ve paved the way for innovation and technology in the court reporting field for over two decades while maintaining a client-first approach and personalized touch for each and every case.

At Lake Cook Reporting, expect the same high range of court reporter services you’d get at a big agency from our local family-owned business and experienced court reporters.

Map showing Lake Cook Reporting's coverage for Chicago area court reporters and legal videographers.

Court reporting and legal videography services available in our offices, your office, downtown Chicago, the suburbs, or anywhere you need for depositions, arbitrations, trials, meetings, and more.

Why hire us? We provide:

  • Example court reporters and video conference deposition at Lake Cook Reporting in Bannockburn, IL.

Jobs for court reporters available at Lake Cook Reporting. We are currently looking for freelance reporters in the Chicago area for depositions, trials, meetings, and more.

  • Court reporter services available in our office or around the Chicago area.
  • Court reporters for Chicago and the suburbs, including all area courthouses such as Waukegan, Rolling Meadows, Skokie, downtown at the Daley Center, and more.
  • Expert court reporter services available for trials, depositions or any other legal transcription.
  • Realtime reporting, live video/text streaming, and expedited transcript options available.

Court Reporter Services Page

Legal video camera equipment similar to ones used by legal videographers at Lake Cook Reporting in Chicago, IL.

  • Need your next deposition recorded? Have us take care of it with our certified legal videographers!
  • Legal videography depositions recorded in high definition.
  • Great for videotaped discovery depositions or trial testimony.
  • Receive DVD copies, standard definition MPEG-1 copies, or download online from our secure file repository.

Legal Video Services Page

Mobile videoconference on large flat screen TV

  • Two high-definition Polycom room systems.
  • Great for interviews, meetings, and video conference depositions.
  • Save money and time and avoid traveling by using video conferencing and video call into depositions.
  • Bridge video conference systems with your PC and participate in your home or office.

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10-Person Conference Room at Lake Cook Reporting in Bannockburn, IL


  • Deposition suites provided to our clients for free when using our court reporter.
  • Meeting rooms available to rent by the hour or day.
  • Technologically-equipped with high definition televisions, WiFi, video conferencing, and more.
  • Breakout meeting rooms available for private discussions before/during/after depositions.
  • High-quality conference speakerphones offered in every conference room at no extra charge.

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Lake Cook Reporting’s headquarters north of Chicago in Bannockburn, IL.

Lake Cook Reporting's headquarters at the Bannockburn Atrium, where we host depositions and court reporters.

Our north suburban location features four conference rooms, perfect for depositions using our court reporters. Room rentals for meetings also available.

2275 Half Day Rd #147, Bannockburn, IL 60015

Did You Know?
We’ll pick you up from O’Hare International Airport and take you to a deposition at our office! Just request airport pickup when scheduling a deposition at our north suburban office and we’ll do the rest.

O’Hare Airport Pickup Info

View North Suburban Bannockburn, IL Deposition Suites

Lake Cook Reporting to O'Hare Map

Now Open: Lake Cook Reporting’s Chicago Loop Office.

We’ve established a second location right in the heart of the Downtown Chicago Loop providing our clients with court reporting and legal videography services downtown. Use our court reporters and receive the room rental for free.

Host a deposition at our location or have us come to you! We provide services for the entire Chicago area. We offer free deposition suites in the north suburbs and Chicago Loop, or we can travel to a location of your choosing. 73 W. Monroe St #317, Chicago, IL 60603

Lake Cook Reporting Chicago Loop location at 73 W Monroe. We provide court reporters to the Chicago area.

Now available: a nationwide network of free deposition suites.

Thanks to our partnerships across the country, Lake Cook Reporting offers deposition suites across the country at no charge to you when using our court reporter. The map below shows our deposition suites and nationwide partner locations. Stay tuned, we’re adding more locations all the time!

Don’t see a location where you need one? Leave the search to us! View the map of our locations on Google Maps.


Map of nationwide locations with free deposition suites, court reporters, and legal videographers provided by Lake Cook Reporting in Chicago, IL.

Deposition conference rooms at our north suburban Bannockburn, IL location near Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Free When Using Our Court Reporters

We provide deposition suites and breakout rooms for our clients at no extra charge when booking our court reporters. Schedule online today!

  • Conference room provided by Lake Cook Reporting north of Chicago, free when using our court reporters.
  • 10-person conference room at Lake Cook Reporting. Our built-in video conference system and 60-inch HDTV is perfect for interviews, meetings, depositions, and more over video conference.
  • Conference room seating up to six at Lake Cook Reporting, court reporters and more in Chicago, IL.
  • Deposition prep room at Lake Cook Reporting. Perfect for client or expert meetings before a deposition.

Our conference facility in Bannockburn, Illinois, north of Deerfield and Northbrook, hosts depositions, meetings, and conferences in Lake County.

Our suites come equipped for any situation, complete with high-speed Internet, high definition video conferencing, in-house legal video recording, speaker phones, printing/faxing, etc.

Our office features four fully-equipped conference rooms for depositions, video conferences, meetings, and more. Take a PDF Tour of our Bannockburn, IL suites.

Book a Conference Room

Interesting in renting one of our suites for a meeting? Book online through our partners at ShareDesk.

We Listen To You.

Over two decades serving Chicago – City, suburbs, downstate, and anywhere else.

Example legal videography provided by Lake Cook Reporting's legal videographers in Chicago, IL.
Lake Cook Reporting began in 1994 as a small court reporting firm running out of a home office.

Since then, we’ve expanded into one of the premier stenography agencies in the area, with amenities like a multi-room conference facility, video conferencing, legal videography, realtime reporting, and more. Thanks to our amenities, the latest technology, and a highly-qualified staff, we provide everything needed for your next proceeding in our office, downtown, or anywhere else. Come to us, we’ll travel to you, locally or across the country.

Carla Letellier, senior court reporter and founder of Lake Cook Reporting in Chicago.

Quality reporters for any case.

Our team of over 30 experienced, certified court reporters available in our office or around the Chicago area. Our court reporting firm services Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, including all area courthouses such as Waukegan, Rolling Meadows, Skokie, and more for trials, depositions or any other legal transcription.

Credit: InSapphoWeTrust from Los Angeles, California, USAFlying in? We’ll pick you up from O’Hare Airport!

We offer transport between O’Hare Airport and our office for free. Focus on your case, not on your commute. Can’t travel? Try a video conference! We have thousands of compatible sites around the world.

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Testimonials from our clients

Court Reporters
Rating: ★★★★★

When my boss had a trial recently, she was prepared in almost every way. However, the only thing she didn’t have was a court reporter and she needed it that day. She put me to the task of calling agencies trying to get a court reporter prior to the Memorial Day Weekend.

I called 26 agencies and while several called me back, they couldn’t get me a reporter. I spoke with Patty at Lake Cook Reporting and she also said she would make some calls. I was shocked when she called back a while later stating that she had one. Patty went out of her way to find a court reporter for me and we were very grateful for it.

I still have my list of court reporting agencies, but I know which one I will call first from now on. They truly went out of their way for me. Thank you!

Court Reporting
Rating: ★★★★★

I have been trying cases for nearly 50 years and found your company to be the very best of any court reporting service I have ever used. Not only was your reporter extremely competent but you yourself (Carla Letellier) went out of the way to see that everything went smoothly.

Video Conferencing - Bannockburn, IL
Rating: ★★★★★

Always flexible, convenient and fast to provide copy, They coordinated video depositions with witnesses here and in Florida at the same time without a hitch.

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