Coronavirus Solutions for Depositions

Novel Coronavirus Illustration provided by the CDC - Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS.

Office Status – Updated January 27th, 2021 Our Bannockburn, IL Headquarters is OPEN for in-person depositions and following CDC-recommended actions for social distancing, face mask requirements, as well as plexiglass barriers in all conference rooms. All participants are temperature screened, required to wear masks, and keep a safe distance behind plexiglass barriers when in conference rooms. Attorneys can continue to attend remotely via Zoom/WebEx, and all conference rooms are equipped with high definition room systems to allow remote attorneys to …

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The Risks of Digital Recording for Your Deposition

Example stenography machine similar to ones used by certified court reporters at Lake Cook Reporting and how it contrasts with digital recorders

Know the risks of digital recordings so you can make an informed decision. With new technology and automation emerging throughout the world, some parties within the legal industry are considering switching from licensed court stenographers to digital recording solutions for their depositions and trials. Licensed court reporters receive extensive training, continuing education, and are held to a high ethical standard mandated by the state of Illinois.

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Happy thanksgiving from Lake Cook Reporting

Happy thanksgiving from Lake Cook Reporting We are immensely thankful to everyone who works with us and contributes to our company.   At Lake Cook Reporting, we recognize the immense contributions by all the court reporters, legal videographers, paralegals, office personnel, and anyone else we’ve worked with us this year. We feel thankful to have worked with so many great individuals who enrich our lives both personally and professionally. As a thanks, we’d like to give our colleagues a little …

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Comcast’s new Chicago data limits: What to Know

Comcast service fan

Residential Comcast customers will have new data limits starting next month. Cable giant Comcast announced today that, starting August 1, residential customers would be limited to one terabyte of data usage per month using their existing internet plans. While Comcast utilized data limits in markets with little to no competition for broadband internet in the southern and eastern United States, Chicago will be the largest market yet to receive data limits. The cable giant said in an email sent to customers that it believes …

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Stream Legal Video Online

Example legal video streaming services for online viewing at Lake Cook Reporting in north suburban Chicago. Stream legal video online in your browser or smartphone.

Lake Cook Reporting offers the ability to stream legal video from a web browser or smartphone app. Lake Cook Reporting has been offering electronic delivery of legal video media for several years. We’re proud to introduce our next enhanced feature: stream legal video online. When using our legal videography services, clients can request digital delivery via our online repository. Users can watch testimony and stream legal video right from their browsers or smartphone devices. View our mock deposition online at this link. …

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Videoconferencing for attorneys during the TSA crisis

Standing in Your Shoes. A message from Secretary Johnson about the men and women of TSA → “On Thursday, I worked alongside the men and women of the Transportation Security Administration at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. I interacted with passengers and addressed their questions, and even helped a family get to their gate on time. These are just a sampling of the essential tasks that the men and women of TSA perform each and every day as they stand on the front lines of our nation’s aviation security. I have stood in their shoes – this job is not easy. But it is vital. TSA secures the skies, and does so professionally, courteously, and with a sincere dedication to duty. Thank you, TSA, for what you do to protect the homeland.”

Using videoconferencing to avoid the long lines at airports. Let’s face it: we’re all dreading the five hours or more waiting to get through TSA checkpoints. The videos of the long lines are enough to make anyone regret flying, even for the smallest trips. So what can attorneys travelling for depositions do to avoid the hassle of flying? That’s where court reporting agencies and videoconferencing services can help. Court reporting agencies like Lake Cook Reporting provide affordable technology solutions such …

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Court Reporter Jobs in Chicago

Court reporter jobs available in Chicago. Lake Cook Reporting is looking for freelance court reporters to help us cover an influx of Chicago Loop jobs.

Court reporter jobs available in the Chicago Loop. We are currently looking to fill Chicago court reporter jobs! Lake Cook Reporting, a Chicago-based agency that’s been in business over 20 years, is looking for freelance court reporters to help cover cases in the city and suburbs. We have recently opened a new location in the Chicago Loop, and we’re looking for court reporters to help us cover cases in the city and suburbs. Our agency receives top-notch out of state work, expert …

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Free Deposition Suites in Chicago

Conference room offered by Lake Cook Reporting for depositions and more.

Free deposition suites when using our court reporters While other court reporting agencies rent rooms from Regus and put the charges on the client, Lake Cook Reporting does it differently. We’re in the business of providing our clients with the best service at a reasonable cost. As part of that philosophy, we offer free deposition suites to our clients when they use our court reporter. Four free deposition suites available north of Chicago At Lake Cook Reporting’s main headquarters in …

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