Mobile videoconferencing now offered

Video conference example at Lake Cook Reporting in Bannockburn, IL.

High quality, high definition mobile videoconferencing available wherever you need it. Recently, Lake Cook Reporting began offering a new kind of mobile videoconferencing service that seeks to bridge the gap between traditional video conferencing and consumer-grade mobile products like Skype and FaceTime that’s available to setup in any office, courtroom, meeting space, hospital, and more. Our mobile videoconferencing system provides both portable and high-quality teleconferencing connections in just about any location. The benefits of our system include: Multipoint connections with multiple …

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Chicago court reporter jobs

Chicago Court Reporters at Lake Cook Reporting. Available nationwide.

Lake-Cook Reporting is now hiring for Chicago court reporter jobs in the city and suburbs. At Lake-Cook Reporting, we’re always looking for hard-working and dedicated court reporters. We’re currently hiring Chicago-area court reporters to work with us for trials and depositions. We have a variety of assignments at our office in Bannockburn, Illinois along with cases in the city, surrounding suburbs, and elsewhere. Due to recent efforts to grow and expand our business, we’ve begun to receive a good deal of out of …

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video conferences and growing business

A polycom video conferences unit at Lake-Cook Reporting

Video conferences can help your business by saving you time and money. With video conferences, it is much easier and cost effective for your business to conduct interviews and meetings without having to travel. While some people today rely on Skype to save time and money, they sacrifice quality for convenience. Skype endure low-resolution cameras and microphones that appear unprofessional. Luckily, a middle ground exists where you don’t have to travel or settle for poor quality webcam alternatives. At Lake-Cook …

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FAQ for attorneys and clients

Lake-Cook Reporting deposition conference.

Introducing an FAQ, available for attorneys and other clients of Lake-Cook Reporting. In order to better serve and answer questions of our clients, we’ve created this FAQ page specifically for the most common questions we have received. Current and future clients can read this page to find their questions about court reporting, legal video, digital distribution, and other common topics related to the industry. As our business continues to evolve and grow, we will update this page with new and relevant …

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LiquidSpace Online Room Rental

Room rentals can now be booked online via LiquidSpace.   Lake Cook Reporting now accepts online reservations for our suites in Bannockburn, IL near Deerfield in Chicago’s north suburbs using LiquidSpace online room rental service. LiquidSpace is a fast-growing online booking application for clients to find meeting spaces and conference rooms across the country. Lake Cook Reporting’s involvement in the service makes booking with us even easier. Clients looking for a rental room only can view real-time availability of our …

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Bannockburn Atrium completes renovations

Our building, the Bannockburn Atrium, recently completed its renovations. Building a more modern office building. Late last year, our office complex began a major renovations project to change both the interior and exterior look of the Bannockburn Executive Plaza. The building, built in 1978, underwent the largest structural changes since its construction. Workers removed the exterior columns, giving the complex a more modern look. Inside, crews redesigned the atrium, placing a new elevator and a fountain in the center of the …

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Carla Letellier – Owner and Senior Court Reporter

Carla Letellier, CSR, RPR, CLR, Legal Videographer, Owner, Founder of Lake Cook Reporting. Carla Letellier founded the company in 1994 as one court reporter working out of a home office. The company is now an agency with over 30 reporters. In 2012, she and the business moved into a conference center with four rooms and video conferencing in Deerfield, Illinois. As a licensed and registered professional court reporter, Carla has worked in the Chicago area for most of her career. As a …

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Welcome to our blog

Lake-Cook Reporting Ear Logo

Welcome to new way of delivering content to our customers via our blog. Welcome to our new blog at Lake Cook Reporting! This blog will act as a subsidiary of the main Lake-Cook Reporting website and will provide news, announcements, and analysis on topics related to our business. In the future, we plan to use this blog as a platform for dynamic content and updates. We will also share articles and information relevant to those who use our services. It is our …

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