Stream Legal Video Online

Example legal video streaming services for online viewing at Lake Cook Reporting in north suburban Chicago. Stream legal video online in your browser or smartphone.

Lake Cook Reporting offers the ability to stream legal video from a web browser or smartphone app.

Lake Cook Reporting has been offering electronic delivery of legal video media for several years. We’re proud to introduce our next enhanced feature: stream legal video online.

When using our legal videography services, clients can request digital delivery via our online repository. Users can watch testimony and stream legal video right from their browsers or smartphone devices.

View our mock deposition online at this link.

Some of the benefits of legal video streaming include:

  • Fast delivery compared to disk production and time to mail videos.
  • Secure access requiring a user name and password set by the client.
  • Access anywhere with internet. We provide login links on our website as well as iPhone/iPad and Android apps for smartphone viewing.
  • Combine with transcripts, exhibits, and more in our repository. Access vital files on the go wherever and whenever you need them.
  • View videos in your browser or download many popular formats including MP4 and MPEG-1 for usage in case management software.
  • Synchronize transcripts, videos, and exhibits into a single case file compatible with popular programs like Sanction.
  • Burn your own DVDs or CDs for courtroom playback or other viewing applications.

How to get digital delivery and stream legal video.

We’ve made the ability to stream legal video easy for all of our clients. Whether you’ve had one of our legal videographers record depositions for you or you’re using our legal video recording service for the first time, we provide digital delivery copies upon request.

For new and prospective clients:

Simply request digital distribution via our repository before or after the video recorded deposition.

For previous depositions recorded by our office:

Visit the Order Legal Video Media page and select “Digital Download as your delivery method.

Have any questions or comments about legal video streaming services?

Feel free to contact our office for questions, comments, or to schedule legal videography services.