Stenography for transcription at board meetings, hearings, and more.

Court reporting stenography machine similar to ones used by court reporters at Lake Cook Reporting in Chicago, IL for board meetings, hearings, and more.

Use our skilled court reporters for board meetings or other hearings.

While our court reporting firm provides stenographers primarily for depositions and trials, our verbatim reporters can transcribe board meetings, public hearings, and other events where an accurate and fast transcript copy is needed.

Many of our court reporters type between 250 and 300 words per minute with the ability to transcribe multiple speakers using complex jargon. When you need speed and accuracy for your board meetings, use a court reporter!

We Listen To You. Accurate Transcription Services in Chicago.

We’ve taken on the following services for board meetings and hearings:

  • Corporate board meetings, stockholder sessions, presentations.
  • Public hearings for new projects such as railroad contruction or hospital revitalization efforts.
  • School board meetings and presentations.
  • Hard copy transcript available for production and distribution by the client.
  • Electronic PDF copies of the transcript to save on paper and mailing costs.

Board meetings, public hearings, meetings, and more transcribed by Lake Cook Reporting court reporters in Chicago, IL.

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