Videotaped evidence depositions provide added dimension to trial testimony.

  • Example videotaped evidence deposition by Lake Cook Reporting in Bannockburn, IL.

Use video recordings to present compelling testimony to a jury.

Before legal video, witnesses unable to appear at trial had their testimony taken down by a court reporter, with the transcript read out loud to a jury.

With the proliferation of legal video recording, it’s easier than ever to present videotaped evidence testimony as if the witness appeared in person. Our certified legal videography team records evidence depositions, edits objections as ruled on by a judge, and provides numerous options to play back testimony at trial.

We Listen To You. Evidence depositions made simple and effective.

Engage the jury with the image and voice of the witness testifying.

Example legal videography provided by Lake Cook Reporting in Chicago, IL.

Lake-Cook Reporting’s evidence deposition recordings provide an extra layer of interactivity for a jury not found from reading a deposition transcript. Instead of just having a written transcript, jurors can see and hear recorded responses from a witness.

Grabbing the attention of the jury remains an integral part of litigation, and courtroom playback of testimony provides a simple yet effective add-on with the goal of making an impression on jurors.

The benefits of videotaped evidence depositions include:

  • Context behind answers based on vocal tones, emotions, and other nonverbal cues.
  • Multimedia that captivates and captures the attention of a jury.
  • Demonstrating emotional impact of a case from a party or other witness.
  • Allowing an expert witness to present facts in their own words.
  • Accountability for attorneys, with tone of questions and demeanor becoming a factor.
  • Save on time and travel expenses for your out-of-town or expert witnesses.
  • Forcing settlement talks based on the the prospect or outcome of a videotaped deposition.

Our firm covers your legal videography needs from A to Z.

Example legal video setup similar to ones used by videographers at Lake Cook Reporting.
Our legal videographers have the know-how, certifications, and technical expertise to meet all your demands. When you schedule a videotaped evidence deposition with us, you can expect:

  • Court reporting and videography services scheduled together so you don’t have to call two agencies for the same deposition.
  • Free deposition suites in Lake County, IL or downtown Chicago in the Loop, or if needed, we’ll scout a location anywhere you need it.
  • Expedited turnaround of written transcript testimony, allowing a judge to quickly rule on objections.
  • Fast video editing, with our video production department on standby ready to produce an edited deposition video within hours after receiving a transcript annotated by a judge.
  • Free DVD video included in the cost of editing, suitable for most courtrooms with projectors/TVs and a DVD player. Multiple formats like digital MP4 also available upon request.
  • If needed, a member of our team can provide multimedia equipment for playback at any courthouse in the Chicago area.

Synchronize recordings to transcripts to create important video clips.

Example synchronized transcript provided by Lake Cook Reporting.Videotaped evidence depositions can be linked to the transcript text, allowing the user to navigate to specific lines in the transcript and see the video response. The video and software can be burned to a DVD or made available for download to our digital repository. Synchronized transcript and video files can be imported into many popular case management programs like InData TrialDirector, LexisNexis Sanction, Summation, and LiveNote.

The software can be used to create bookmarks, annotations and notes of key testimony, and edit/export video and text clips. With synchronization, our clients can instantly search for key words or phrases to find the corresponding video recorded testimony.

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